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Accredited by the Joint Commission

About The Joint Commission

The Joint Commission is an independent, not-for-profit organization. The Joint Commission accredits and certifies more than 17,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States. Joint Commission accreditation and certification is recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting certain performance standards.

The Joint Commission is an organization made up of individuals from the private medical sector to develop and maintain standards of quality in medical facilities in the United States. Though the Joint Commission has no official connection to United States government regulatory agencies, and has no legal enforcement power; many medical facilities rely on the Joint Commission accreditation procedures to indicate to the public that their particular institution meets quality standards, the Joint Commission and its policies has taken on a real importance in the medical field.

The Joint Commission’s Mission: To continuously improve health care for the public, in collaboration with other stakeholders, by evaluating health care organizations and inspiring them to excel in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value.

The Joint Commission’s Vision Statement: All people always experience the safest, highest quality, best-value health care across all settings.

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