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The Pediatric Department is dedicated to the healthy growth and development of children from birth through age 12 (after which, children will be referred to the Adolescent Department).

Our dedicated and enthusiastic physicians and health professionals work closely with parents and numerous partners to provided the best and most comprehensive health care for our young patients. 

The Pediatric Department has an exciting partnership with NY Medical College and Pace University. These dynamic and gifted young people exemplify the future of American medicine and represent some of the best and brightest medical and nursing students and pediatric residents anywhere.

The Pediatrics Department provides a full range of health services for children:

  • Physicals - Annual, school, day care, sports, WIC and camp physicals
  • Immunizations – As per the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Health Screenings – Lead, vision, hearing and development surveillance or monitoring for early identification of issues outside the norm of development for early intervention
  • Sick Child Visits – Children who are ill are seen by our pediatric providers the same day they are brought in
  • Specialist Referrals – Infants and children with clinical problems beyond the scope of the department are referred to medical specialists in the MVNHC Network or outside for further management. 

The Pediatrics Department works closely with all clinical departments and program services such as Specialists, Nutrition, Social Services, WIC, and others to maintain a solid link of healthcare management for our pediatric patients.